Louisville Transmasculine Alliance

Social and Support Group

LTMA is a peer-led community group for AFAB and Intersex people who identify as FtM, transmasculine, non binary, and questioning. While we are proud to have a wide age range of folks who participate, membership is limited to those who are 18+

Louisville Transmasculine (LTMA) was established:

  • To provide safe and non-judgmental peer-led support group meetings for our members and invited guests.
  • To facilitate an informal support network for our members.
  • To hold social gatherings, support meetings, networking events, and other gatherings for our members and invited guests.
  • To provide information about trans issues to trans people and our allies.
  • To increase the visibility of, and awareness about, trans issues.
Person with their back turned to the camera, wearing a trans flag, looks out over a body of water.